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Floral Crown, Diadema de Flores

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Stunning floral crowns or diademas worn iconically by Frida Kahlo

Floral crowns not only completion a perfect Mexican costume,  they are part of today's fashion trends, for bridal, for parties, or just because you are a Frida girl in your heart of hearts. You don't need to have long hair, or to spend time trying to braid ribbons into your hair!

The braided satin headbands and floral crowns and sprays are completely authentic and made one by one in the Isthmus region of Oaxaca. We have a wide variety of colors and floral combinations.Please keep in mind as you select from the choices below that there may variations in color and flowers due to the handmade nature of these items. The braided headbands are one size and elastic, and come plain or with a large satin flower bow.

The floral crowns (diademas) can be worn with or without the braided headband.  The sprays (tocados) can be worn separately or combined with braids, and can adorn the front, back or side of the head. All the floral hairpieces are flexible so they can be adjusted and affixed with hairpins.  

The photos here show the floral crowns separately and combined with braided headbands, please note that they are sold separately. 


braided satin and faux hair headbands


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