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What makes Huitzilli's Guayabera shirts distinctive?

Authenticity and Quality

Guayaberas are renowned not only for their comfort, but also because they are elegant attire for special occasions such as the destination wedding, formal business event, christening or first communion. We offer authentic guayaberas that display true craftsmanship, made near Mérida by Julio Enrique May May, one most the most respected producers in the region.

Cut and Details

Our house label shirt is called norteña reffering to the square cut, straight hem and two elongated pockets at the shirt bottom and a cigar pocket at the breast (compared to the 4 pocket classic guayabera). Our shirt also is distinguished by what is known as rejilla- the embroidered perforations or openwork which are both decorative and functional, making the shirt more comfortable in hot weather. Yucatec guayaberas are known for elaborate embroidery as well as the traditional pin tucking.  The hallmark of a true guayabera is that the pin tucking is genuine- it streches like an accordion- whereas imitations are just straight lines sewn on a panel of fabric. The Huitzilli Rejila shirt features all three of these details: openwwork, ornate embroidery and pin tucking both on both the front and back of the shirt. Also there are functional buttons at the hip so that it can open depending on the gentleman's build. 

100% Natural Fiber

Response is very favorable to the 100% cotton content of our shirts. Many clients prefer it even over linen. Although some traditionalists may see linen as the gold standard in the guayabera, it has some disadvantages: it can be scratchy and sometimes it is very transparent, which means the gentleman is obliged to use a camiseta (singlet) underneath. Our cotton is what is known as manta, which can be perceived by some as heavier- but the fact is it is has very good wicking quality and breathes.

Colors and Sizes

Aside from white and natural unbleached cotton, we offer as many as 10 other colors, some are unusual and very distinctive like the antique rose (palo de rosa) and lavender, or bold like fuchsia and turquoise. We also carry a very ample selection of sizes from 34 XS to 50 XXXL. We also stock hard to find infant, child and adolescent guayaberas primarily in white, however other colors are available by special order. 

Long Sleeve and Women's Guayaberas

Huitzilli also offers a long sleeve version of the rejilla shirt, which is slightly more formal and can also be good for winter or cooler climates. The lady's guayabera is the perfect business casual shirt, also a great travel piece, and of course makes a cultural statement! At the moment we offer a limited range of colors for these two items but will gradually be expanding the selection.

Customer Service

Beyond the beauty of our shirts, clients have stepped up to purchase from us because they like our friendly customer service, and like buying direct from artisans through a family run business. In the case of our on-line shoppers we have seen a high level of satisfaction because we make ourselves available for resolving their doubts and special circumstances. 


We have nearly 7 years of experience and our aim is please you with our quality, style, and commitment to fair trade and ethical fashion. Whether in our Brooklyn, New York store or online, you can be assured we will do our best to serve you.


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