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We offer a full range of colors and sizes in authentic Guayaberas

Guayaberas, also known by the names Mexican Wedding Shirt, Chacabana, Guayabel in our New York City boutique located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Should you be in the area we recommend coming in to try on our shirts, however if you are outside our area or unable to come in we are happy to assist you.

If you are buying the shirt for someone else it is helpful to know the man's jacket size or the woman's dress size as a reference.  If you are buying for a child it is helpful to measure a shirt that fits the child and compare to our guide below.  Our shirts are 100% cotton and could be prone to shrinking, so it is important to keep this in mind before purchasing so that you follow the proper care recommendations.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns about sizes. Returns and exchanges are allowed within 14 days of purchase, however we ask that you contact us first with the concern before shipping the item back to us.  Returns are handled for store credit only. 


Men's Short Sleeve Size Guide

In our experience the men's Guayabera Norteña in short sleeve is one size smaller than the man's jacket size, which uses the chest measurement as a reference. Men who like a tighter fit should go two sizes smaller than jacket size, but they should keep in mind this will also make the shirt shorter, with the bottom of the shirt just slightly lower than the pant waist line.

Guayabera Short Sleeve Sizes

Men's Jacket Size

Corresponds to General Size

Measurement of shirt from across the chest- from underarm to underarm

Youth 18   34    XXS      19.5 inches 50 cm
34 36 XS 22.5inches  57 cm
36 38 S 23  inches 58.5 cm
38 40 M 23.5 inches  59.5 cm
40 42 L 24  inches 61 cm
42 44 XL 26  inches 66 cm
44 46 XL 28  inches 71 cm
46 48 XXL 29  inches 74 cm
48 50 XXL 31  inches 79 cm
50 52 XXXL 32  inches 81 cm


Men's Long Sleeve Size Guide

In our experience the men's long sleeve Guayabera Norteña follows roughly the man's jacket size, which uses the chest measurement as a reference. The sleeve length is average for men's shirt sizes. Please contact us for special orders for specific sleeve lengths. 

Guayabera Long Sleeve Sizes

Men's Jacket Size

Corresponds to General Size

Measurement of shirt from across the chest- from underarm to underarm

34          34    XS      19.5 inches 50 cm
36 36 S 22.5inches  57 cm
36 38 M 23  inches 58.5 cm
40 40 L 23.5 inches  59.5 cm
42 42 XL 24  inches 61 cm
44 44 XL 26  inches 66 cm
46 46 XXL 28  inches 71 cm
48 48 XXL 29  inches 74 cm

Women's Guayabera Sizing Guide

Guayaberas are traditionally worn by men, however our shirt makers in Merida Yucatan have created a stylish feminine version for Huitzilli.  It features the same high quality craftsmanship as our men's guayaberas, including open-work, pin-tucking, and embroidery.  These elegant details make it perfect for any "business casual" outfit and the soft 100% cotton manta is ideal for warm climates.

The women's guayaberas are darted, more fitted at the waist, and finished to a blouse length. Sizes roughly follow women's bust sizes, see chart for below for details.  If there are any questions on sizing please feel free to contact us and we will assist you in any way possible

Guayabera Size Corresponds to General Size  Corresponds to woman's size
32 XS 0 - 2
34 XS
36 S 6
38 M 8
40 L 10
42 XL 12


Infant, Children, and Adolescent Short Sleeve Size Guide

Our children's guayaberas sizes do not run true to age as in US sizing. It is actually very helpful to measure one of your child's existing shirts for a reference, please see shirt measurements in this chart.  For your convenience we have estimated the approximate sizes for ages based on our experience - however keep in mind that children's sizes vary greatly so when in doubt please call or email us for assistance. When ordering for an event with a very tight time frame we recommend rounding up instead of down, since a shirt that fits a little big is preferable to one that is too small. 

Infant Child and Adolescent Short Sleeve


Corresponds to child average for age

Large for age

Measurement of shirt from across the back from underarm to underarm

and length from shoulder to hem

1        0 - 6 months    11.5 in / 14 in
2 12 - 24  months 0 - 12 months 12 in / 14.5 in
4 2 - 3  years 1-2 years 13 in / 16.5 in
6 4 - 6 years 3 - 4 years 14 in  17.5 in
8 6 - 7 years 5 - 6 years 15  in / 18.5 in 
10 8 - 9 years 7- 8 years 16  in /  20 in
12 10 - 11 years 9 - 10 years 17  in / 21 cm
14 12 - 13 years 11 - 12 years 18.5 in / 22 in 
16 14 - 15 13 - 14 years 19.5 in / 23 in
18 16 years 15 years 20.5 x 24 in 
adult size 34 17  years 16 years

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