The Guayabera is a timeless garment synonymous with latin style

According to popular definition the traditional four pocket guayabera shirt was invented in Cuba for picking guavas. Today the guayabera is considered appropriate attire for formal occasions and is prized throughout the world – from Asia, to Africa and across the Americas and Caribbean. Because the shirt is worn outside the pants and without coat and tie, it is especially appreciated in hot climates for business and elegant social occasions. Guayaberas are also known as "Mexican Wedding Shirts" because of their popularity as the groom’s attire at beach and destination weddings. Details of craftsmanship are the hallmark of great guayaberas. Authentic design and quality fabrics such as pure cotton and linen distinguish the outstanding ones from the ordinary factory produced versions. 

Artisanal Guayaberas are the specialty of Huitzilli

Made in a Mayan village near Mérida, Yucatán, our house models is the Guayabera Rejilla Norteña: a sumptuous 100% cotton shirt with exquisite details including openwork, pin tucking and embroidery. This shirt, available in both short and long sleeve, features two pockets at the waist and a cigar pocket on the breast. The guayabera Rejlla is offered in broad selection of colors and sizes range from 34 (XS) – (50 XXXL). Guayaberas for babies, children and youth, as well as a darted women’s blouse version are available – all with the same elegant details. Explore our Guayabera Collection here and please refer to the supplemental pages below for additional information.

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