Guayabera FAQ

Where can I get a quality guayabera in the New York City area?

Authentic 100% cotton guayaberas from Yucatán are our specialty! Please explore the information on this page and visit our Williamsburg, Brooklyn Location. Quality craftsmanship, value and great customer service are our priority. We hope that this facts page will help answers any questions you may have, however if you need assistance please contact us!

Do you have a variety of sizes and colors available off the rack? 

A broad range of colors in regular and plus sizes, ranging from 34 (XS) to 50 (XXXL) is available in store and through our website, so that you can get a shirt right away. If you are in the New York Area we encourage you to come in to our convenient Brooklyn store and try them on. Occasionally we may run out of an individual size or color in which case we will inform you of the time needed to fulfill your request.

Do you ship anywhere and can I get expedited delivery?

The Answer to both is yes. We ship for free anywhere in the US via USPS priority or first class mail which means your guayabera typically arrives in just a few days. If you should require expedited or international shipping, simply call or e-mail us and we can arrange. 

Is the guayabera appropriate for business as well as weddings?

In fact important heads of state are known to wear guayaberas at formal business reunions and social functions. The guayabera is known as a wedding shirt because it is proper groom's attire, but they are also commonly used for a variety of functions, including christenings and confirmations for children. Please look at our Guayabera History, Culture and Styles page to learn more about the history and use of the garment.

What should I wear with a guayabera?

Many customers ask if they should wear a jacket with the guayabera- in fact the whole idea is for you to be able to skip the jacket and tie - you are considered elegantly dressed with a guayabera, slacks and dress shoes. For a beach wedding the ideal is usually linen pants and slip on shoes.  However it is worth mentioning that the guayabera can certainly be worn informally - with shorts and sandals, or jeans and sneakers! Check out our board on Pinterest to get ideas on how to style your guayabera. 

Does Huitzilli only carry one style of guayabera? 

We currently feature the Rejilla Norteña in 100% cotton manta as our house model, available in short and long sleeve versions, as well as for women and children. However we do offer other styles and fabrics such as linen and cotton blend, periodically or by special request. Please contact us if you are looking for a style or material that you don't see on our website so we can try to help you. 

Can I get a guayabera for a baby? 

Absolutely, and they make a sweet baby shower gift or ring bearer shirt! We carry them from size 1 (6 months) to size 18. Please refer to our children's guayabera page or contact us for more information on infant, child and adolescent sized guayaberas. 

How are women's guayaberas different from men's?

The women's guayaberas are darted, more fitted at the waist, and  finished to a blouse length.  The feminine guaybera makes a beautiful "business casual" shirt for summer or hot climates!  Sizes roughly follow women's bust sizes: see our women's guayabera page and size guide for details.  If there are any questions on sizing please feel free to contact us and we will assist you in any way possible.

How does the guayabera from Huitzilli compare in price to those of competitors?

Huitzilli direct imports quality guayaberas from a family run workshop in Yucatán and is committed to fair trade principles. The cost of small production and quality materials is higher than for mass produced goods, however we believe you will see the value in your authentic shirt. To see more about what distinguishes our guayaberas please see our blog.